Hello world!

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My first post!

I feel as if I am beginning a book. The first words are usually the hardest; and in the few cases when you already know how to begin, you rarely know how to continue. To ward off the on-again-off-again writer’s block that’s been shrouding my (very young) literary career for the last few years, I’ll keep this informal. This will be a simple letter from me to you.

Well, I suppose I should introduce myself. Joyce Tipping. Female, 21 years old, married. No secret to whom: I’m hosted on his website. If you’re into programming, programming, the occasional musing about life, and oh, did I mention programming?, you should check out his very enthusiastic blog at spencertipping.com.

(I’m not a programmer, for those who are wondering.)

Okay, you’re naturally wondering what this blog will be about. (Not programming. But that’s not very specific.) The easy, but not very helpful, answer is: My life! “Okay,” you’re saying. “What’s your life about?” Hmmm, well, if I had that figured out entirely, I’d be nearly to the level of Mother Teresa, a most remarkable accomplishment. :) “Oh, come already. Just tell us what you’re going to blog about?” Fair enough. My blog won’t center exclusively on philosophical musings (thought it will not be devoid of them either). Mainly, I’ll just share what’s going on in my life and my thoughts about it.

Which begs the more in-depth response. Here goes.

First, my husband and I just moved to Los Angeles. Here, “just moved” translates to “piled all of our modest belongings into the car and drove here two weeks ago.” This wouldn’t be half so comical if we weren’t rural Missourians. I grew up in a town of 20,000 and then went to college in another town of 20,000. My husband has lived all over the place but never anywhere to parallel L.A. (which really just means he’s never lived in NYC). It’s quite an adjustment from hills and cows to downtown Los Angeles, and I plan to share my (mis)adventures as I learn to navigate the city.

Second, I just finished college! Hooray! So for the first time in my life, I have all the time I want to explore anything I wish. (I’m not working.) My fantasy worlds of choice are the needlepoint arts, sewing, and cooking. By needlepoint arts, I mainly mean knitting and crocheting, although I may foray into new territories such as weaving, spinning, lacemaking, and so very much more. Sewing and cooking are pretty self-explanatory.

Anything else you might want to know about me? I’m Christian; I converted as a freshman in college after a life of atheism. My faith is very important to me. I’m Chinese. I was born in Shanghai, landed in Missouri at age 3, and have been there ever since. I speak fluent Shanghainese and Mandarin. I think of myself as more Missourian than Chinese, but no doubt, it comes through.

There’s much, much more to say, but it’s 11:37 PM and my brain is wilting. Plus, there will be plenty of time to write later. So I’ll say my goodnights and sleep tights. God bless! Until next time …