Exploding Anchor Hocking

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Yesterday, I set my brand new Anchor Hocking 1 cup measuring glass on the counter and measured out a half cup of refrigerated chicken broth. I went on preparing the meal. Fifteen minutes later, the glass exploded, throwing hundreds of tiny shards every which way in our little studio apartment.

I was understandably shocked. Now, I’d read the stories about exploding Pyrex and Anchor Hocking before I bought my measuring glasses. I believed them (it hardly sounded like something people would make up), but I didn’t figure it would happen to me. Besides, there were no alternatives in the same price range. So I went ahead and bought the Anchor Hocking set.

Unfortunately, the meal was not salvageable, which was a shame. We also spent nearly an hour vacuuming and cleaning. However, it wasn’t entirely terrible. My husband took me out to a lovely dinner. He also called Anchor Hocking and obtained a replacement.

Truth be told, I’m not entirely sure that I want a replacement. A refund and glasses from another manufacturer sounds better. However, I’m willing to give it another chance. I hope I don’t regret this one.


Exploding Anchor Hocking