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I just don’t like Splenda. I tried it in a recipe a few days ago, and it tastes wrong to me.

Which is a huge shame, because low-carbers rely on sugar substitutes for sweetness. Sugar = carbs, pure and simple. There’s just no way around it. Nevertheless, no sugar substitutes for me. Sugar only has 3.4 carbs per teaspoon, so its okay in moderation. I’ll just nix the recipes that call for so much sugar that I can’t use the real stuff.

And desserts? Well, those are harder. My plan is to use pineapple or other sweet fruit. I can’t put in much before I exceed my carb limit so they won’t be very sweet; a bit sad. But I’m bolstered by the thought that as my taste buds readjust — and they already have a lot — I’ll be much more sensitive to sweetness and therefore require less of it.

After all, part of the spirit of low carb is to wean yourself off of sweets. If you’re getting the same experience for less sugar, well life’s just better that way.