Diet Update

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It’s been about a month since I started my diet, so it’s time for an update!

I still feel great! I have virtually no headaches anymore. My endurance has also improved dramatically. On a good day now, I can walk all over L.A. without feeling much more than muscle soreness; in the past, I would have been positively ill after more than a mile. Even on a bad day, I can manage a 2-1/2  hour grocery trip, a few hours labor in the kitchen, and a trip through L.A. traffic to my husband’s office, all without much fatigue. In the past, that would have been an extraordinarily good day!

My hunger endurance is also higher. I used to crash hard as soon as I was hungry. Now I can tolerate hunger for several hours if necessary, although I try very hard not to do that — it’s important to eat when you’re hungry so that your body doesn’t kick into starvation mode. I feel like I eat less overall, though it’s hard to tell because I eat five or six small meals instead of three big ones. It does take noticeably less to fill me up. Often, a cheese stick and a big spoonful of peanut butter will keep me running for a couple hours.

I’ve passed my first menstrual cycle on the diet. My menstrual has been an on and off health problem so I was particularly interested to see how the diet would affect it. It went by very reasonably. There was very little PMS beforehand, something my husband appreciated immensely. :) As usual, I was tired on the first few days and had some stomach discomfort. I don’t remember having cramps. All in all, good and without warning signs.

And finally, the weight-loss part. Am I skinnier? The short answer is Yes. The harder part of the question is, How much? I don’t own a scale so I have no clue how many pounds I’m losing. Size-wise, I’ve lost about an inch off of my waist. However, tape measures can be inaccurate; depending on how snug you pull it, you can gain or lose a half inch instantly. So honestly, I don’t know how much skinnier I am.

Psychologically, I’m loving the diet. The food is tasty and filling. And the more I go without carbs, the less I crave them. They don’t even sound that good anymore, and that’s coming from a former noodle-fanatic.

I often get impatient and feel like I’m not losing weight at all. When I’m in a more objective mood, it’s clear that I’m visually trimmer. Judging from my belly, I’d say I’ve pushed back a year of weight gain, which isn’t much, but it’s something. Considering it’s only been one month, I would say I’ve made good progress.