Going Back to Knitting

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There are a one or two things in my life without which I get weirdly restless. One of these is musical instruments. The other is knitting. You think I would’ve learned by now not to deprive myself of either and especially not both. But that is exactly what I have done for the last few months. No wonder I found myself moody and depressed for two weeks straight recently. After some urging from my husband, I roused myself from my despondence and dug out the lace scarf I’d been working on. I picked up the needles and — voila! — felt better immediately!

Victorian Lace Today

I had started this scarf last spring as my first major undertaking in knitting lace. A tricky business, to be sure! but beautiful enough that it’s worth the herculean effort. The pattern is a wide-bordered scarf from Victorian Lace Today – a beautiful collection! After a summer’s effort and one border, I put it away for several months.

It’s done in an inexpensive acrylic Red Heart yarn, the best attribute of which is its crisp white color, which is especially pleasing against my Asian skin tone. The sad thing about it is that since it’s acrylic, it won’t block when I’m done. Blocking is what gives lace its breathtaking beauty, so many would say that it’s a waste to knit lace with a yarn that won’t block. I’m a bit torn as to whether to start over with a wool yarn. It’ll be prettier that way. Then again, acrylic is indestructible, resulting in a lower-maintenance scarf that I’ll be more likely to wear. I’ll probably end up finishing it with what I have and doing future projects with better yarn. It’s good practice anyway.

So here it is so far:

White lace scarf, with french trellis border - 1

Here’s a shot with back light, which always does lace favors:

White lace scarf, with french trellis border - 2

Not bad for a first endeavor. If you’re wondering what it’s supposed to look like when it’s done (and blocked as, alas, this one shall never be), I scared up a few pictures. The left picture is from the book. The other two are finished projects by other knitters. I encourage you to click on them as they’re very impressive up close, especially the right-most picture.

(Disclaimer! I’m a very new blogger! I’m not sure what the rules/etiquette/copyright laws are on using other people’s pictures. This blog is a modest, mostly unread little thing and all I’m doing is offering praise, so hopefully I don’t upset anyone. Just in case, I’ll have it known that I grabbed the project pictures from the Victorian Lace Today Knitalong, so go visit them for me. There’s tons of beautiful projects there. It’ll be worth your while!)

French trellis scarf, from book

French trellis scarf, from knitalong - 1

French trellis scarf, from knitalong - 2

By the way, in my search for pictures of the completed scarf, I came across several knitters who called this pattern a quick, easy knit! I’m amused and flabbergasted. It’s true that this is simple as lace goes — just peek into A Gathering of Lace and check out the multi-page charts (!) — but the vast majority of knitters I know are knit, purl, yarn-over sorts and would never even dream of doing lace. So to those who can whip up this scarf up in a jiffy, I’m impressed! You’re a much better knitter than I!