Me Buying Lingerie

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I’ve done it! I made my first puchase from Victoria’s Secret. See? Here’s that signature pretty pink shopping bag vying for space with my purse and cd collection.

The Victoria Secrets pink bag

I’m so very pleased by its presence. I was walking around the mall with my purchase when it hit me that I looked just like all the other women carrying that lovely pink bag — feminine and with a secret (Victoria’s presumably ^^).

My purchase wasn’t big, just two bras. Mine were getting so ratty, I finally resigned myself to the usual hair-ripping bra shopping experience. Enter a revolutionary idea: “Why don’t I go upscale this time? Let’s just peek in at Victoria’s.” A pleasant half hour later, I walked out with the best-fitting bras of my life.

I grew up not thinking much about my undergarments. No one saw them anyway. We were a weird family there for a while: Forty-something mom bought everything at Victoria’s Secret while her teenage daughter wore granny-pants from Wal-Mart. (Okay, bikini-style Fruit of the Loom. Not quite granny, but still.) I was an unusually frugal teen and didn’t see any point in spending a fortune on my underthings. After that, I got crazy religious and conservative for a while and thought that anything that even hinted at the existence of sexuality was to be strictly avoided. I’m better now, thankfully.

My introduction to lingerie has been more or less gradual. Five months ago, I bought The Lingerie Handbook, as delightfully pink as my little shopping bag. It’s a gem! I can’t resist giving a quick plug for it: Ladies, if you’re at all fashion-consciousness, go and treat yourself to it. It’s only $6 on Amazon! Honestly, I’d recommend it if it were $15. In 186 gorgeous glossy pages, Ms. Apsan walks you through all of the lingerie you’ll ever need to look and feel great in your clothes, from the right bra and panties for the outfit all the way to how to buy leggings. Do you know the difference between tights and pantyhose? I didn’t until I read this. Everything under the sun is here. I had a blast reading through it and learned a lot!

Ever since the book, I’ve kept an eye out for lingerie. But for various reasons (tight finances, moving cross country, new diet) I never took the plunge. Sure, I grabbed a few lacy items off the racks at Wally World. But I figured I’d wait until I was happier with my figure to put out the big bucks. Well, I’ve changed my thinking a bit since then:

  1. As slow as my weight loss is going, I can’t put my life on hold until I get my new figure. Who knows when that’ll be?

  2. I might get pregnant and stall weight loss for a year at a time anyway. I’m not going to put off a family just to fit into a slinky black dress, nice as it sounds. Life is bigger than that.

  3. I need bras NOW. Yeah I know there’s a thousand things changing in my life — I’m losing weight, I could get pregnant — but that doesn’t fix my present predicament.

I took the plunge. Honestly? It didn’t hurt nearly as much in the wallet as I’d anticipated. I spent $50 total — that’s $25 each. Sure, it’s a tad more than Wal-Mart but it’s not a bit higher than JCPenney’s and the quality, not to mention the service, outstrips them both by far. What can I say? I’m a convert. I’m never going back.