Life Update

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Hello, I’m back! I know, two months with nary a peep from me … It’s been absolutely hectic: We’ve been through 2 moves and 5 business trips over the last two months. But we’re better now.

I’m dubbing this the “I Never Thought This Would Happen” post because that’s exactly what’s going on in my life. The first “I Never Thought” event is that we’ve moved again! Our stop in Belen turned out to be a short one (two months) during which Spencer took a new job in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Los Alamos is a charming little town up in the Jemez mountains about an hour north of Santa Fe. I didn’t like it at first, dismayed by the utter lack of good shopping, eateries, and general city comfort; but it wasn’t long before the little town stole my heart. First of all, the surrounding area is breathtakingly beautiful. There’s a gorgeous canyon right in our backyard and hiking trails around every bend, Bandelier National Park a few miles south and the Jemez mountains a few miles north. Second, once you adjust to the rustic atmosphere, the town is incredibly inviting. The streets and sidewalks are well-paved and filled with friendly passerby, the lampposts are adorned with flowers baskets, and the historic center of town boasts a beautiful park with a small lake and fountain. And because town is so small, all kinds of stuff such as the swimming pool, movie theater, and Spencer’s workplace are all within walking distance. If we do ever get bored, Santa Fe and all its artsy glamour is a mere hour away.

So in short, I’m so excited to be here! I guess I’m just a country person at heart. It’s so nice to be out of the city!

Anyway, on to other exciting parts of my life …

I’m down to 128 pounds! Isn’t that something? It’s been over a half decade since I’ve been this light. What can I say? I never thought that would happen again.

People are already starting to ask me when I’m going to stop losing weight. That’s a tricky question to answer for two reasons. First, I don’t actually have a concrete number in mind. My intention was always to look slender, not to hit some miracle weight; and the more I lose, the more I’m realizing just how small my bone structure is. Even 27 pounds later, I’m still nowhere close. I find it amusing that many people don’t believe I’m still fat. (I guess that means I look decent in my clothes!) Short of presenting them with my naked profile, I don’t know how to show them how much extra I’ve got. I mean, I still can’t find my ribcage! :) So I know I’m not done yet.

Where do I think I’ll end up? Judging from my progress over the last 27 pounds, my guess is 105 pounds. That’s way lower than I had originally thought, but I’m having to adjust my expectations. I say expectations and not goals because it’s become clear to me that I have little direct control over how much I lose and how fast. I feed my body the right foods, and it decides where it wants to end up. (That’s the second reason why it’s hard to tell when I’m going to stop losing weight: It’s not up to me!) I do have some hopes though: 115 by the end of the year, then down to 105 in due time. But again, the number’s just the benchmark. Once I look in the mirror and like what I see, I’m happy!

(I’ll have to laugh if I actually end up at 105. See, a few years back I read this dating book from the 1950’s, and it told me I should weigh 105 pounds. I practically howled in disbelief; I’d not been 105 pounds since I was 10 years old! But then I never thought I’d clear 130 again either, and here I am. So who knows? It’s a weird world!)

Sort of related to my losing weight: I’m becoming a running addict! Just take a moment to absorb that … Me, Joyce, who couldn’t walk a quarter mile four years ago; who was so ill at age 17 that her 50-year-old father had to drag her around a mostly-flat half-mile trail … I’m running! WOW. (Needless to say, this is another thing I never thought would happen.) I started about a month ago, following a most excellent Couch-to-5K plan I found online. This is my fifth week, but due to travel, womanly issues, and some minor joint pain, I’m still on week 3 of the plan. And not only do I not hate it, but I think I’m actually hooked. It’s like a drug: If I don’t run, I’m edgy and irritable all day; if I do, I’m as sweet as pie. Who would’ve thought I’d become an exercise junkie? LOL!

I’ll see if I can put up some pictures of our new place soon. I’m still figuring out all this blogging stuff. :)