Crazy Month!

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Gosh. Where to start?

Three weeks ago, my husband took a new job in Boulder, CO. It all happened so fast. Within a week, he had signed on with the new company, visited Boulder, and turned in his resignation to his old place. We were set to move in another week.

If you’re thinking this is crazy, oh just wait, it gets so much better!

Very, very long story short, our car’s transmission dies mid-move, and we find ourselves in Boulder carless, homeless, and creditless. Meaning we can’t rent a car, we can’t get a loan for a new one, we’re living in hotels and trying to find an apartment, all while having to walk everywhere in the freezing cold. It’s probably been the longest two weeks of my life — I feel like I’ve grown up two years!

Anyway, you can bet that this experience is going to spawn blog posts galore. I plan to write up everything in full gory detail, plus maybe a post on how to live life on the go (read: moving every six months).

I keep googling “married to a software contractor” thinking that some other woman must have gone through this before and written about it. No luck so far. Maybe a call to my pioneering spirit … ? :D

Even considering the rough introduction, I’ve grown very fond of Boulder. It’s the best of Los Angeles (big city) and Los Alamos (small town) all in one. I can’t wait to explore!