World's Smallest Printer

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Ever since we ditched our HP home scanner/copier/printer monster, I’ve been agonizing over whether to get another printer or not. We wouldn’t need it 99% of the time … but that 1% when you do, there’s not really anything else in the world that can substitute. Running to the nearest copier shop gets old pretty fast. So what to do, what to do?

Of course, all my troubles would be over if they had a tiny printer, maybe a long stick you ran paper through, or even a handheld wand of sorts — it does seem like you ought to be able to do that, right? But alas, they don’t make those … or do they? Check out this Panon PrintStik, only 1” x 2” x 11”.


And it gets even better. Freehand printer wand? You got it:


So are my problems over? Well almost. These are great options, but both are around $160, and the PrintBrush isn’t even available until May 2010. I’m not usually a trendsetter — I like to let a new product test itself out on someone else’s wallet before investing my own mullah – but I’m sorely tempted to be avante garde here.

What about you guys? :)