I Heart Lenka!!

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As some of you may know, Lenka is probably my favorite music artist ever. There’s something about her that is so very me. My husband always smiles whenever I bop around to The Show.

And now that Wordpress has made it so easy to embed YouTube videos (all you have to do is put the url onto its own line), I can’t help but share some of my favorites.

The Show is probably the theme song to my life. :)


Here’s her latest, Trouble Is A Friend. Cute video; kind of Pink Panther-ish. :D


And my favorite off of her album, the wistful and (alas) oh-so-accurate We Will Not Grow Old.


Afterthought: Sometimes I wonder what I’d tag myself. How would I describe myself? Quirky flower-child? I’d say that’s about right. :D