April showers bring May flowers

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(Which bring … PILGRIMS! We used to say that all the time in elementary school.)

Ah, April, am I glad to see you! If I had gotten around to writing a few weeks earlier, the post would’ve been titled “When, oh when is it EVER going to stop snowing?” Yes, even though we’ve been enjoying gorgeous balmy days since early February, we’ve also had an unending stream of blizzards. Guess that’s Colorado weather for you. The cycle goes something like this: It’ll be sunny and 70 degrees; then it’ll snow 12 inches; which will all melt the next day. Repeat.

Anyway, it seems like the weather has finally broken free of its vicious pattern — it hasn’t snowed seriously in two weeks! (Of course, by saying that, I’m going to jinx the whole thing.) The temperature has been up in the sixties – not too bad!

Yesterday, Spencer and I took a walk in the park next to our house. The sun was warm, the breeze was cool, and the sky a glorious blue — I decided then and there that I would go for a run the next day. So today I headed out for the first time in almost five months. It felt wonderful.

Quick history: I had originally intended to run through the winter, but when the weather dipped below 50 degrees or so, my body started reacting to the exercise in weird ways. Namely, insomnia. It didn’t matter whether I ran first thing in the morning or later in the day, I’d invariably be awake until the wee hours, staring at the ceiling and watching my husband’s blissful sleeping. Needless to say, it didn’t take long before I decided that sleep = good and no sleep = bad, therefore running = bad (for the time anyway).

I put it down to the cold weather — I’ve always hated winter. So hopefully, now that things are warming up again, I can pick up my running without ill side effects.

Alas, the lack of exercise hasn’t done my weight many favors. (That’s why there’s been no diet update for some time, lol.) I’ve slowly crept back up to the low 130’s. On the positive side, the weight seems to be distributed differently — I’m curvier than I was the last time I was around this weight.

I’ve also been experimenting with the diet. I went from Paleo back to low-carb for a time, but found myself missing the veggies. So now I’m back. Also, I’m trying out carb-cycling, which in practice means I take two high-carb meals a week. This was a concession for the sake of living a little — it was getting to the point where neither of us enjoyed going out to eat because it was so stressful finding suitable food for me. I figured that if my husband (who very much enjoys my slimmer figure) is urging me to break my diet now and then, well, I can give a little.

As for the culinary delights, no skin off my nose! It’s great getting to enjoy bread and pizza now and then. Not to mention pastries! :D

Anyway, that’s the general overview! Hope life’s been treating you not too shabbily either. Cheers and happy April!