Life Update

Well, hello! I’ve been on quite the hiatus, haven’t I?

I’m really glad to finally have my blog and website in order again! I’ve really missed it. But before I jump back in, I thought it might be nice to do a quick update on where I’m at in life. As I was reading over my old posts, I realized that quite a lot has changed since I started this thing up, gosh!, five years ago; and while I’ve talked about some things, others have gone unmentioned.

So here are a few updates on me. Some are old, some recent, but all are important to who I am and how I live my life.

We had a baby!

Actually, I already wrote a post on this on my Go Lovely Rose blog (now migrated here) but it’s one of those things that is worth mentioning again, if only as an explanation of why this blog has been dormant for so long!

Anyway, Adam is now two years old (where did the time go?!) and quite the handful. You’ll almost certainly see more of him around here in the future.

We’re in the Southwest!

After Adam was born, we moved back to my hometown in Missouri to spend some time near my folks. For me, it was a wonderful year-and-a-half of reconnecting with my family and my past. My patient husband, however, did not love the cornfields life.

So a few months ago, we decided to pick up again and move to New Mexico. Why New Mexico? Spencer grew up there and has always wanted to return. With plenty of mountains and midwives, it’s a great fit for our lifestyle, and with Spencer working from home, the time was right.

So here we are! So far, I love it! Vibrant blue skies, crisp air, cactus-studded desert — it is a very beautiful place to live.

I’m not Paleo anymore.

I embraced Paleo almost five years ago (after a brief stint on Protein Power). Although it is still one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, I’ve slowly evolved away from just about every accepted definition of the diet. Recently, it hit me that I don’t really identify as Paleo anymore.

Nowadays, I’m a student of ancestral traditions and a lover of gourmet cuisine crafted from real foods — an ancestral gourmet, if you will. And I’m happy with that. If I ever need to cut out certain foods, I certainly will, but otherwise, I love being able to partake in the full range of fine eating. It’s not only sustainable, it’s enjoyable, and I think that’s important.

(Full post on this coming soon!)

I’m no longer religious.

I mentioned being very religious in my very first post, and I don’t think I’ve talked much about it since. So I feel a little funny bringing it up now. But it feels even weirder to say nothing, because religion is such an important part of a person.

My husband and I were very religious when we got married — in fact, I wore only skirts for over two years! But after college, as we moved around the country, tried new things, and learned more about ourselves, we simply … grew out of our religious selves and embraced new interests and identities.

It may seem funny to put it that way, but it’s true: Ours was not so much an acrimonious split as a slow drifting. In many ways, I still love Christianity; I love the beautiful things it taught me about myself, and I still often catch myself being spiritual. However, it is no longer the foundation of my world view.

That’s all!

And that’s it for now! Thanks for reading, and until next time …