Hello world!

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Hi, I’m Joyce. Welcome to my techblog, where I’ll be sharing my adventures as a young programmer, web-designer, and linux sys-admin (among other things).

A little bit about me: I’m 22 years old, and I started out as a completely normal person: a point-and-click Windows user. Then I met my now-husband, a crazy functional-language-enthusiast hacker guy who lured me into linux territory with promises of hassle-free web browsing (no more Clean Access, our campus’s notoriously annoying virus protection software). Five years later, I use the command line for everything, I have a dozen programming languages installed (including at least two versions of lisp), and I often catch myself typing vim key bindings inside my browser. I guess I have to admit that I’m a hacker too. :)

But I’m far from experienced. Every day, I run into new challenges. My things-to-learn list includes everything from Apache to bash to Ruby on Rails (and would probably take a few hundred lifetimes to get through). And I think I might actually faint dead away if our internet connection ever went out, severing me from the support forums that I rely on to get through my projects every day.

I’ve grown to really appreciate that community support, and here on this blog, I want to give a little bit back. I’ve actually wanted to for a long time, but I’ve always felt unqualified. I’m no expert. Who am I to be putting out how-tos? But my guilt eventually overcame my fear; my guilt and my gratitude. After all, where would I be without the little tutorials and tips that people write up that just happen to solve my problem? What if those people had decided not to write? By now, I’ve led enough frustrating searches for nonexistent documentation that this prospect strikes very real fear into my heart. And so I’ve decided to add what little I know into the pool.

So here I am! I hope you’ll join me on my crazy technological adventures, and I hope that what I write will be helpful … or at least entertaining. :D I’m looking forward to it!