Vim gems

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Wow! Looong time no see! If you’re wondering where I’ve been, about three months ago, I got a job as a web-developer, which ironically, leaves me less time to maintain my techblog. :)

Anyway, I’m currently working on a post about learning Ruby and I’ve got a few other ideas up my sleeve (youtube api, maybe something on node.js, and perhaps that long-neglected wordpress post). But today, I’m just going to drop a few vim gems in your lap: Recently, I found a seven part series of posts from Peteris Krumins of CatOnMat about the best vim plugins. I consider myself pretty expert in basic vim — keyboard shortcuts, that kind of thing — but I’ve yet to dive into extending it. So this is the next frontier!

Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten around to reading all of them, but who knows when that will be? :) It’s Peteris Krumins, I’m sure they’ll all be good. So here you go, links to all seven parts:

Part I: surround.vim
Part II: repeat.vim
Part III: matchit.vim
Part IV: snipmate.vim
Part V: a.vim
Part VI: nerd_tree.vim
Part VII: ragtag.vim

Also, did you know bash has a vi mode? I sure didn’t before this article.