A Data Science Blog

Hi there! Welcome to the relaunch of my tech blog.

The last time I did this (a half decade ago, wow!) I was a budding web developer, digging into MySQL and Apache and setting up vim. While I hope to keep talking about some of that stuff (especially vim!), this time around, I’m going to switch the focus to something new: data science.

So why data science? Well, the easy answer is, that’s what the husband’s doing. Lacking my own career, I tend to just borrow his for inspiration, and as our intellectual interests are fairly similar, it usually works out out well enough that I’ve never bothered to develop another strategy.

And in this particular case, it works out even better than usual because of how closely data science aligns with my background in mathematics and statistics In fact, I’ve been sorely tempted a number of times to go back to school for a grad degree in stats. Since that is not terribly compatible with our life plans, and since it appears that the entire field of statistics is being subsumed by data science anyway, it seems like the sensible thing for me to do is to just study it in my spare time. Especially as I am fortunate enough to have a professional mentor literally living in my home.

My goal for this blog is to be a place where I can have fun with data and share the projects that I do. As I am not planning to get a job until … well, there’s the childbearing, and then we’re going to homeschool, and after the kiddos all leave, I’m sure we’ll want to travel for a few years, and then there will (hopefully) be grandchildren … yeah, I’m probably never going to get a real job. So this blog won’t be very professionally oriented. That said, I realize how exciting data is right now as a career field, so I’ll try to slip in some “a day in the life” profiles of my husband’s work somewhere down the line.

Alright, let’s get going! My first series of posts will be on doing linear regression in Octave and will hopefully kick off in a few days.